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Game of Thrones
Flamenco Cover from Spain

On the occasion of the shooting of Game of Thrones in Seville, Spain, a group of young film producers called Filasexta (along with the Cristina Hoyos Museum of Flamenco) wanted to welcome the the internationally known HBO show by creating and filming a cover of it famous theme song adapted to the style that can better describe the city, flamenco.

Knowing the current trends on the internet and the audiovisual culture, Filasexta (http://filasexta.es) has decided to film the a special cover song of Game of Thrones opening song. Directed by Alejandro Molina, it has already reached over 130.000 views on Youtube since it was released. Using the hashtag #flamencodetronos they have connected with both flamenco lovers and fans of the HBO show.

Why is this cover so special?
Due to the visit of the famous actors and HBO crew to the Spanish city, they decided to take the song and give it a twist by honouring the music that characterizes their country.

With the invaluable support given by the Cristina Hoyos Museum of Flamenco which lent their facilities during to nights for the filming, they have tried to respect both the original opening theme of the show and the roots of flamenco music.

The cover song is performed by the guitar players Pedro Espinosa and Israel Martin, and the percussionist Selu Dominguez, all of them awarded musicians with a wide career in flamenco. They have tried to make their best when adapting the song, leaning towards the bulería (an specific musical form) in an effort to make the song liked by everyone.

They managed to perfectly combine their different backgrounds by mixing classical and modern flamenco with cuban rythms.

Músicos: Pedro Espinosa, Israel Martín, Selu Sarmiento
Dirección: Alejandro Molina.
Producción: Pablo Cotán, Borja Galván, María Pardo.
Cámaras: Chema de Ángel, Paco Martín, Rafael Tejado.
Iluminación: Pablo Gil.
Sonido directo: Carlos Ruiz.
Edición y postproducción: Chema de Ángel, Alejandro Molina, Juan Carlos Valero.
Postproducción Sonora: Javier Ángel Morillo, Carlos Ruiz.

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