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Ivan with a funny face Ivan with a funny face

Ivan had a profitable job as a Brew Master at a great company. But he has always been the guy that tells the funniest jokes and he loved to perform and entertain

Ivan Aristeguieta, a Spanish Venezuelan Comedian determined to make comedy in a different language.

Following your dream against all odds is finally getting Ivan Aristeguieta where he wants to be. He has been handpicked by the Melbourne International Comedy Festival to participate in The Comedy Zone, a show featuring five of the Best Up and Coming Comedians in Australia. With a story full of life-changing decisions, this man makes you believe that if you really love what you do, you will definitely succeed at it.

Interviewing Ivan was something I desperately wanted to do. Before moving to Australia I was familiar with his work back in Venezuela. But talking to him makes me realise that this is a man that has found what he loves in life and he won't let anything get in the way.

Ivan studied Food Technology in Brisbane back in 2004 and then went to study Brewing Technology in Madrid, Spain. Back in Venezuela he worked for the biggest and most important brewery in the country, Polar Brewery. He had a profitable job as a Brew Master at a great company. But he has always been the guy that tells the funniest jokes and he loved to perform and entertain.

"I suddenly found myself performing for the Board of Directors in the middle of a working day", he explains. That's when he knew that he had a chance to make a living out of comedy. "I got together with a group of friends and we all started to study Stand-Up Comedy and we started writing". After a few months they found themselves performing across the country. "Every weekend we travelled to different towns or we had gigs in the capital city". Ivan was part of a huge movement that brought amazing quality to the Stand-Up Comedy scene of Venezuela.

Before all this happened, Ivan and his wife were already planning to migrate to Australia. Their departure date was delayed and that gave him the chance to focus on writing comedy. He co-produced and starred two Stand-Up Comedy Shows in Venezuela, The Cicada Effect ("El Efecto Chicharra") and The Ivancho Gancho's Show. His career took off rapidly. This allowed him to become a full-time Stand-Up Comedian, along with having some other projects in radio and TV. After savouring success for two years, it was time to go.

"It was a difficult decision, for sure. To see all the people that started with me being famous and having their own shows, made me wonder if this was the right choice. But I was determined to write comedy in English, and be good at it", Ivan tells me. "We got to Adelaide and I worked with a Speech Coach. I was not concerned about my accent; I just wanted Australians to understand what I wanted to say".

Ivan and his wife arrived in Australia in January 2012. He looked for Open Mics all over Adelaide. Soon after he started performing, he won the Stand-Up Comedy competition OOTS-R U Funny?. "I try to perform everywhere I can. My goal is writing creative comedy in English. I don't use any of my previous work in Spanish. I don't believe in recycling jokes. It is like trying to prepare a delicious dish with left overs from the day before. It would never be as good as cooking something fresh from scratch", he wisely comments.

I ask him if he thinks humour in Spanish differs from humour in English and his answer seems very insightful: "I believe in universal humour, it is something innate in humans. That is why some comedy shows are popular around the world. I think that if you treat your audience with respect even though you could be making fun of them, they will appreciate your craft".

Ivan is also the lead singer of Adelaide's Premier Salsa Band Salcedo and he has completed the Introduction to Radio Course at the Australian Radio School.

For the time being, Ivan is calling Melbourne home. He will be performing along with four promising comedians at the Melbourne Town Hall: www.ticketmaster.com.au/Ivan-Aristeguieta-tickets/artist/1951130

Perhaps I am biased when praising Ivan's witty comedy, but I think everyone should keep an eye on this tenacious guy that wants to entertain Australia from his Latino's point of view. You won't regret it!


By Carolina Gonzalez
Spanish Australia Magazine intern

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